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The Americhicks - Molly and Kim, is a radio show airing on KLZ 560 AM, M-F, 6-7am MST.  Our show is different from other live radio talk shows.  We dissect the latest news, politics and opinions as Right vs Wrong instead of Right vs Left.  Agree or disagree, let’s have a conversation.  Together, we’ll find solutions to the issues facing America today.

Molly Vogt

Kim Monson

We love our active duty and military veterans!  Join us every Sunday, 1-2pm, as we honor our veterans on "The Americhicks WWII show" on EZ 1430 with the oldies, KEZW 1430 AM, The new website is: http://www.cruisin1430.com/. This is in addition to KLZ! Tune in to the Americhicks 6 days a week!

After serving 16 years as a consultant to financial advisors, small business owners and their employee’s, Molly began taking her advice directly to the communities, where she feels she will be most effective helping improve the quality of life for all Americans.


Molly Co-Hosts "The Americhicks Molly & Kim" on KDMT 1690 AM with her fellow Americhick, Kim Monson.  She founded Vogt4Colorado, LLC, a consultant firm, is the Director of My Purse Politics, and has served as both a Field Director and an Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation.



Her passion for growing and protecting financial nest eggs has multiplied immensely during this historic financial volatility over the last few years. In addition to helping Americans maneuver around public policy that hits them where it hurts the most, their wallets, Molly now seeks to educate the “rule makers” and all Americans that there are real and sustainable economic benefits to free markets, fair competition, consumer choice, minimally mandated regulations and low tax rates. She is active with several business groups in Denver, continually focusing on protecting the rights of individuals, businesses & families in all 50 states.

Kim Monson believes passionately in the American Dream because she’s lived it.  She arrived in Colorado, in an old Buick, with about a hundred bucks in her pocket and the belief that, in America, anything is possible.  And it is.  She started work at a bank, then as a stock trading assistant.  She studied at nights and on week-ends for her investment broker’s license.  Hired at Boettcher & Company, an old respected investment firm, she became one of the youngest vice-presidents in the firm’s history.


Kim is a wife and mother.  She retired from the investment business when her second of three children was born and for the last twenty plus years, has operated a successful small business as a clothier/fit specialist.


As a former City Councilwoman, she sees daily the affirmation of our founding.  Government should be as close to the citizen as possible and it should be limited, responsible and efficiently use the power & money delegated to it by the citizens.


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