“Finding Hope Again”

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How is it, that in America today, programs that rhetorically promote “hope” really take it away?  And, how can we, as Americans, let this continue?

Last Sunday, on our radio show “Heart of the Matter,” my fellow Americhick, Molly Vogt, and I talked about “Empowering Promoting the General Welfare.”  “Promote the General Welfare” is one of the six things in the Preamble of The U.S. Constitution that “We the People” entrust to government.

The term “General Welfare” has been hijacked by professional politicians and bureaucrats to support their taxation, spending and consolidation of power.  They care not about the individual, the poor nor the down-trodden.

Per John Eastman from a Claremont Institute paper dated March 27, 2014, “For the first eighty-five years of our nation’s history, under both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, the language of “general welfare” was viewed as a limitation on the powers of Congress, not as a grant of plenary power.”

On Sunday, we interviewed a friend of ours who grew up in really tough circumstances.  He postulated that people on welfare do not really want to be there, however, they have no hope nor belief that there is any way out.

How can this be in America, the land of opportunity?  How can we, as a nation spend over a trillion dollars on education and have any child think that their only hope is a government program, hand-out or subsidy?  Why is each student not taught that they are an individual, who is special, treasured, valued?

How can we spend another half trillion dollars on welfare programs that take away the dignity and satisfaction of working to take care of oneself?  Taking a hand-out when one is able to work degrades one’s soul.  This has got to stop!

Many of the bureaucrats and politicians who promote these programs are padding their pockets and consolidating power for their own benefit.  Others think they are protecting the poor.  They do not see the poor child languishing in underperforming schools, the young adult incurring student debt for a no-nothing degree nor the dependent citizen who cannot even fathom a way out of poverty.

I do not believe for one minute that this is how it has to be.  We are letting our fellow Americans down and we are abdicating our responsibility to empower the American Ideal in each individual.  It is nuts to imply that, fill in the blank with the flavor of the day identifier, i.e. black, gay, woman, etc., that we, as an individuals, cannot go after your hopes and dreams.

Our friend did not come to know his true value because of some government program.  He stepped out of the cycle of dependency and dis-belief in himself because of three individuals, a Young Life leader and two teachers.  These people knew he was more than even he believed he could be.

This is the story of America, the idea that each individual is unique and treasured, and given the opportunity to do so, we can be all that we can hope to be.  We as Americans, must no longer support government programs that take away hope.  We must work together to “Empower the Hope of America,” for the general welfare of each individual.

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