No Toilet Paper For You

My heart hurts as I hear reports that Venezuelans have no toilet paper, coffee or food.  Last month, Latina Magazine reported that hundreds of hungry Venezuelan women stormed across the border with Columbia in search of basic necessities and foodstuffs which are hard to find in Venezuela.

This is what happens with centralized government and Socialism.  Venezuela was once a thriving, prosperous society.  Today, moms, sisters & daughters are standing up to guards with guns, just to find basic items for their families.

This is what happens when politicians pass laws and ordinances that tax creativity, innovation and hard work while unelected bureaucrats institute rules and regulations that stifle and penalize small businesses and the American Dream.

This is what happens in a society based on envy, divisiveness and self righteousness.  Food shortages, lack of toilet paper and disruption of hopes & dreams are the tried and true results of socialist, centralized, progressive policies.  These are the tried and true results of Hillary Clinton’s vision for America.  As Maggie Thatcher opined, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  Then there is nothing left; no food, no hope and no toilet paper.

Donald Trump has it right on most aspects of the economy.  Lower taxes, reduce rules & regulations and get rid of the death tax.  These three things alone will jumpstart the “new norm” sluggish economy that we have been living with the last eight years.  Bigger economy, bigger pie, more tax revenues.

When the 1% consists of individuals who have gotten rich because they provide goods and services that make people’s lives better and for which individuals freely trade their hard earned dollars, we should applaud the 1% and thank them for their service.  There may be outliers in this 1% model that have gotten rich by nefarious means, however, they are just that, outliers.

If a politician is using government policies, rules & regulations, to her advantage, to join the 1%, then we must question the character of the politician.  If a politician has joined the 1% by selling access to the U.S. government, thereby hurting everyday hardworking Americans, then we must question her motives.  If a politician rails that the 1% and corporations must “pay their fair share” while using her non tax paying, non-profit to create her own personal wealth, then we must question her objectives.

Actions speak much louder than words.  Hillary Clinton says that the 1% and businesses need to pay more while her foundation/business pays nothing.  She is using the politics of envy to buy votes.  She wants to use government to steal from one person to give to another.  As Lincoln said, “you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.”

The American Dream is based on the Idea that individuals, rich or poor, should be able to keep most of the fruits of their labor.  Everyone must have “skin in the game” for an equal and just society.  Government, all in (local, county, state & federal), should take no more than 20% of people’s earnings.  This American Idea of small government, freedom to choose how to live one’s life and rule of Constitutional law created a vibrant middle class where everyday people like us can thrive and prosper.  The American Dream has brought more people out of poverty than any other political system known to man.  Each of must do what we can to preserve it.

We have a choice this political season: no toilet paper Clinton or bigger economy Trump.

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