Built By Myself Then Closed Due To Poor Economic Policy

My Purse Politics has been receiving many new stories from our readers whom we always invite to share. Here is one of our most recent.  She has felt the economic “war on women”.  (Name & State withheld to ensure privacy of our contributors)

In 2007 I started a small business with just one employee and until the 2009 election I was holding my own.   When the new president was elected it was the beginning of the end as new banking regulations took hold.  Then the devaluation of the dollar hit and many of my customers felt the crunch.  I tried to stay afloat as long as possible but in May of 2011 I closed the doors and that was it.  I lost my business, my home, and all my savings.   I do blame Obama and yes I did build it all by myself, thank you very much Mr. President.
This is just one of many stories from around the U.S. we have heard about small business owners that did build their own businesses with their own capital, sweat and tears, only to lose it all in the face of over-regulations and poor fiscal policy.

The economy matters to 100% of us.

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