Disarming A Woman Is A War On That Woman

To look a woman in the eye and tell her that her personal judgment during the heat of a threat of rape or attack can not be “trusted” so she should not be “allowed” the opportunity to protect herself in the face of such threat is demeaning, offensive, sexist and flat out wrong.

This week Colorado Representative Joe Salazar, in defending a bill taking away a woman’s right to defend herself on a school campus, HB13-1226, and suggesting ridiculous options to protection like “safe boxes, vomiting and urinating on the attacker”, attacked all women.

I understand Rep. Salazar has 2 daughters.  I wonder if he has instructed them to ignore their instincts of sexual or deadly threat from an attacker and refrain from fighting back to save their own lives? Has he also told daddy’s little girls that rather than physically fighting for their lives they should try to vomit or urinate on themselves with the hope of “grossing out” such a “dignified member of society” so that he change his mind, release her throat, untie her and let her run free?

Being an Army veteran, husband and father of girls, I would think a man like Representative Salazar would know that the best and only deterrence to a brutal attack by a monster of a man made on a young woman would be for her to be armed and trained to protect herself at any time, in any place.

Disarming a woman is a war on that woman.  Shame on you who seek to render her defenseless.  Rep. Salazar and Speaker Ferrandino owe women in Colorado and all of America an apology.

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