A Few Thoughts Before The Election-From A Polish Girl

Came to this beautiful country 20 years ago and…fell in love with its people, ideas, way of life and… landscapes. Today I call it home, my home, proudly. I came legally and obtaining my US citizen status was source of pride. It was also a choice I made, I did not have to stay here for political or economic reasons-I stayed because I discovered freedom here for the first time. They thought me that FREEDOM is simply ability to choose and first time in my life I had choices, many of them!
Forgive me that I am so fascinated by politics and feel that before election -to make right choice -we shall engage, I know its very unpopular those days, I know. I am glad people express views on internet, exchange of information makes us stronger-especially in era of one sided media. I enjoy good political discussion and diffrent views, but no matter how hard I try it is very hard to me to understand people who would fallow socialistic (lefties) ideas which are beautiful at its core- but do not work (always destroy society and an individual) Bernie was great- but his ideas will never work.

Talks, arguments from both-left and right sides- hopefully let me understand WHY people choose one system or the other? Unfortunately-very often, I am not getting any answers, I see blind followers. I am getting ready for this election- I am researching, reading and watching and making my small discoveries: Hillary is not a good human being-to say very delicately, she is a unmoral lair, not a leader, obsess with power. Guess what- years ago- I considered voting for her-but did my research and what I see is simply terrifying. She is not in jail for one reason- system is corrupt on the higher level. At this point- I do not know if our votes even matter, I do not know -maybe it is all already set up by the worlds elites, I do not even know if I will vote this year. What I see- is incredible corruption, lies and diffrent standards applied to ordinary men who try to live with honesty and hard work and to our lying leaders who put money in their own pockets (with an exception of few senators) and that breaks my heart-because I remember diffrent America, very diffrent and wonder would we ever go back to its glory and freedom or will slavery continue to progress? And there is Trump, “the clown an idiot” (called by media desperately trying to shape our opinion ) ,but….a millioner. As to the Trump- the only hope is that he is NOT the part of the establishment and hopefully will repeat Reagan’s legacy in this country. My research continues and if my conclusion will be- he is- I will change my political views before November- and for the first time in my life here-will NOT vote, which again-breaks my heart, breaks me as a person, mother and an American.If you know me-you know how dear freedom and liberty is to me, and when its gone- America and its dream will be gone as well and new era of totalitarianism and government control will rise.

By: Dorie Lisowska

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