A Woman’s Concern for Colorado

My family moved to Colorado during the year 2000, and ever since I have always been proud to say I am from Colorado.  I find that for people from other states, Colorado has a mystique about it.  Colorado is known for its wonderful natural beauty, for its independent and rugged citizens.  However, there are many issues on the political landscape that, should they pass, have potential to change Colorado in deep and profound ways.  These changes would be devastating to the future of Colorado, especially if these issues come together in a perfect storm.

I am very concerned about many of the fracking measures that may sound good, but would really serve to end fracking around our state.  I am reminded of a time this summer when I was walking around CSU and a student came with a petition for me to sign that would help end fracking.  When I declined signing the petition, letting her know that I loved fracking, her response was to hold her hand on her heart and declare how sad that made her feel.  She quickly left after that appeal did not seem to move me.  However I would like to take a moment to say how sad it makes me feel when I contemplate the future if her petition were to pass; sad for families who will lose livelihoods and struggle to support their children, sad to see the increase in costs to all people of Colorado in filling our energy needs, sad to think of future foreign wars that may have been avoided and lives saved if we allow fracking and increase our real potential to be energy independent .  Yes those things do move me!

But what would even be worse is if these economy crushing fracking bans pass, and at the same time Amendment 69 passes, which would totally destroy the health care of Colorado.  Can you imagine the economic impact the necessary increase of taxes would be on Coloradans  to pay for such a measure.  What would a state run health care do to the availability of quality care!  First we lure people in to Colorado for legalized marijuana, but no worries, when they become homeless on the streets, we will pay for their healthcare—FREE!  But if that is not enough to destroy Colorado’s economy, there is also Amendment 70 which would raise the minimum wage from $8.31 to $12 an hour within four years.  That will surely make business want to come here, and stay here, and hire more Coloradans to work, right?!

We need to do all we can to fight for a free and prosperous Colorado, a Colorado that can continue to be a beacon to independent, hard- working Americans, a Colorado that will continue to be known for it’s beauty and mystique.

By: Tomi

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