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Refugee And Asylee Resettlement – Follow The Money

Refugee & Asylee Resettlement is a big money business and it’s YOUR MONEY that funds it.   Let’s connect the dots.  I served on the board of Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains (LFSRM) from 2006 to 2012, ultimately as the vice-chair of Program Services.  LFSRM is one of the largest resettlement organizations in the region.  My heart became troubled as I came to understand how big government bureaucracies and the United Nations have incrementally coopted charities.

Today, agencies such as LFSRM pay staff salaries & benefits to assist refugee’s applications for food stamps, healthcare, rent assistance, energy assistance, cash assistance, TANF (formerly Welfare) and more.  This is a far cry from the stories of immigrants that I heard as a kid.  “Individuals wanted to come to America because it was the land of opportunity.  They knew that if they worked hard and played by the rules, they would make a better life for themselves and their families.  They did not expect a hand-out.”  A friend recently recommended a book, Lili’s Story, My Memory of the Holocaust by Lili Susser.  Lili notes when her family immigrated to America after WWII, they received two weeks rent, a week’s groceries and were then on their own.  With hard work and perseverance they built successful lives.

Over the years, LFSRM has done good work for our vulnerable and that is why I donated my time & money to the organization.  However, as government money got involved, I realized that LFSRM was no longer a charity and had become a quasi-governmental non-profit.  Per the 2013/2014, 990 (the IRS document non-profits file) $11.5 million of LFSRM’ $13.6 million budget was comprised of government grants.  Additionally, the CEO was paid $209,000.00 and the vice-president of Refugee Services $122,596.00 plus benefits.  The Denver Business Journal ranks LFSRM the 19th largest Human Service Organization in Colorado.  With a current budget of $16.18 million that’s a cool $2.58 million increase in a year.  And nearly half of the budget goes to salaries and benefits.

We must ask ourselves, how is giving tax money and benefits to refugees fair to our young people who are struggling to find jobs and pay off student loans?  How is this fair to our seniors living on fixed incomes?  And how is it fair to the single mom who is working to get ahead?

Governor Hickenlooper is indicating his willingness to import refugees from Syria and the Middle East to Colorado.  In light of what’s happening in the world, it defies reason that he not pause and take a breath in regards to the refugee resettlement program.  With limited documentation and potential for fake passports, it is not possible to properly vet these individuals.  Until we, as Americans, are 100% assured that no terrorists are included in the estimated 70,000 refugees slated to come to the U.S., the refugee resettlement programs must be suspended immediately.  It only takes one or a few to hurt our children, our communities and our wellbeing.  The risk is too great!  A South Africa Today article refers to a U.N. report that 72% of these refugees are men.  We must ask ourselves, what is the character of these men who leave women and children behind in war torn areas?  What is their motivation to abandon their vulnerable?  Governor Hickenlooper must say “no” to the Administration’s request.

What can you do?  Contact Gov. Hickenlooper and the board of directors of LFSRM  and ask that they suspend the Refugee Resettlement and Asylee programs until fool-proof vetting procedures are in place and demand that no tax dollars be used for these programs.

No Toilet Paper For You

My heart hurts as I hear reports that Venezuelans have no toilet paper, coffee or food.  Last month, Latina Magazine reported that hundreds of hungry Venezuelan women stormed across the border with Columbia in search of basic necessities and foodstuffs which are hard to find in Venezuela.

This is what happens with centralized government and Socialism.  Venezuela was once a thriving, prosperous society.  Today, moms, sisters & daughters are standing up to guards with guns, just to find basic items for their families.

This is what happens when politicians pass laws and ordinances that tax creativity, innovation and hard work while unelected bureaucrats institute rules and regulations that stifle and penalize small businesses and the American Dream.

This is what happens in a society based on envy, divisiveness and self righteousness.  Food shortages, lack of toilet paper and disruption of hopes & dreams are the tried and true results of socialist, centralized, progressive policies.  These are the tried and true results of Hillary Clinton’s vision for America.  As Maggie Thatcher opined, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  Then there is nothing left; no food, no hope and no toilet paper.

Donald Trump has it right on most aspects of the economy.  Lower taxes, reduce rules & regulations and get rid of the death tax.  These three things alone will jumpstart the “new norm” sluggish economy that we have been living with the last eight years.  Bigger economy, bigger pie, more tax revenues.

When the 1% consists of individuals who have gotten rich because they provide goods and services that make people’s lives better and for which individuals freely trade their hard earned dollars, we should applaud the 1% and thank them for their service.  There may be outliers in this 1% model that have gotten rich by nefarious means, however, they are just that, outliers.

If a politician is using government policies, rules & regulations, to her advantage, to join the 1%, then we must question the character of the politician.  If a politician has joined the 1% by selling access to the U.S. government, thereby hurting everyday hardworking Americans, then we must question her motives.  If a politician rails that the 1% and corporations must “pay their fair share” while using her non tax paying, non-profit to create her own personal wealth, then we must question her objectives.

Actions speak much louder than words.  Hillary Clinton says that the 1% and businesses need to pay more while her foundation/business pays nothing.  She is using the politics of envy to buy votes.  She wants to use government to steal from one person to give to another.  As Lincoln said, “you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.”

The American Dream is based on the Idea that individuals, rich or poor, should be able to keep most of the fruits of their labor.  Everyone must have “skin in the game” for an equal and just society.  Government, all in (local, county, state & federal), should take no more than 20% of people’s earnings.  This American Idea of small government, freedom to choose how to live one’s life and rule of Constitutional law created a vibrant middle class where everyday people like us can thrive and prosper.  The American Dream has brought more people out of poverty than any other political system known to man.  Each of must do what we can to preserve it.

We have a choice this political season: no toilet paper Clinton or bigger economy Trump.

Built By Myself Then Closed Due To Poor Economic Policy

My Purse Politics has been receiving many new stories from our readers whom we always invite to share. Here is one of our most recent.  She has felt the economic “war on women”.  (Name & State withheld to ensure privacy of our contributors)

In 2007 I started a small business with just one employee and until the 2009 election I was holding my own.   When the new president was elected it was the beginning of the end as new banking regulations took hold.  Then the devaluation of the dollar hit and many of my customers felt the crunch.  I tried to stay afloat as long as possible but in May of 2011 I closed the doors and that was it.  I lost my business, my home, and all my savings.   I do blame Obama and yes I did build it all by myself, thank you very much Mr. President.
This is just one of many stories from around the U.S. we have heard about small business owners that did build their own businesses with their own capital, sweat and tears, only to lose it all in the face of over-regulations and poor fiscal policy.

The economy matters to 100% of us.

Disarming A Woman Is A War On That Woman

To look a woman in the eye and tell her that her personal judgment during the heat of a threat of rape or attack can not be “trusted” so she should not be “allowed” the opportunity to protect herself in the face of such threat is demeaning, offensive, sexist and flat out wrong.

This week Colorado Representative Joe Salazar, in defending a bill taking away a woman’s right to defend herself on a school campus, HB13-1226, and suggesting ridiculous options to protection like “safe boxes, vomiting and urinating on the attacker”, attacked all women.

I understand Rep. Salazar has 2 daughters.  I wonder if he has instructed them to ignore their instincts of sexual or deadly threat from an attacker and refrain from fighting back to save their own lives? Has he also told daddy’s little girls that rather than physically fighting for their lives they should try to vomit or urinate on themselves with the hope of “grossing out” such a “dignified member of society” so that he change his mind, release her throat, untie her and let her run free?

Being an Army veteran, husband and father of girls, I would think a man like Representative Salazar would know that the best and only deterrence to a brutal attack by a monster of a man made on a young woman would be for her to be armed and trained to protect herself at any time, in any place.

Disarming a woman is a war on that woman.  Shame on you who seek to render her defenseless.  Rep. Salazar and Speaker Ferrandino owe women in Colorado and all of America an apology.

The “Crisis Strategy” That Crashed Our Housing Market

In order to build something beautiful, sometimes you must completely tear down what stands in its way. If the football team isn’t taking you to the Super bowl, you trade them all in and bring in some fresh talent. If the house is old and decrepit you bring in wrecking ball, you tear it down, and build something beautiful. There are definitely times [that] a wrecking ball encourages a fresh start. There’s no doubt about that.

But do you buy into the case that we must tear down capitalism, the free market, and savings accounts of our friends and neighbors in order to create a more perfect America in the future? Many politicians do, and they got the idea from Cloward & Piven, a couple of Columbia University professors in 1966.

My name’s Molly Vogt, I’m an Americhick and I’d like to just take a quick moment to talk to you about how the followers of a Cloward & Piven strategy, also known as the “crisis strategy,” lead to the 2008 housing crash, and ask you to consider what it will affect next.

Cloward & Piven activist’s said that we should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system so that a political and a financial crisis can rock the nation, and rock it they did. How do you make more people dependent on the government? You take away their ability to financially take care of themselves. You make their homes unaffordable, take away their savings account by encouraging them to invest in something they can’t afford and then crashing the market.

For this example let’s look at the housing bubble. Consider the decades of government incentives for low-income families to tie up their savings in a house they can’t afford. Remember the New Deal, Fair Housing Act, and many more after that.

In the 90’s, President Clinton required banks to hold at least 50% of their home loans in subprime loans. That means they needed to lend money to families who were never going to be able to pay the money back at rates that were not sustainable and would certainly increase in the future.

Did you ever stop to think perhaps there’s a reason private lenders and investors are more successful than the government? Because they’re investing their own money, so they actually measure the risk of an investment before making it. Sounds logical to me. When a bank is forced to lend their money to a great risk, how do they cover their shareholders? Well, I’ll tell you what they did. They packaged the subprime loans, rated them much safer than they actually were, and they sold them to every mom and pop 401k plan in the U.S. and across the globe. What was the end result? A 6 trillion dollar real estate value loss from 2007 to 2009.

Then the housing crash lead to the Great Recession. Retail spending collapsed 8%. So, a family with a $30,000 net worth in 2007 equaled almost nothing only three short years later.

What’s the point? The point is, I just want to ask you all to dig into the true intentions behind what seems like good intentions. Read Cloward & Piven’s strategy and see where else you see a crisis strategy being built. Tune in Sundays as the Americhicks get to the heart of the matter on issues affecting your family every day.

Let’s Ensure America Is A Safe Place For Refugees and All Americans!

How do we protect Americans and future refugees? Imagine the possible travel of a future refugee mother, Fakhtah, and her children…

Fakhtah hugs her baby girls tight to her body. She cries tears of joy, knowing she and her two little girls, Mahdiyah, age three and Khalisah, age seven, have finally made it to Greece, the second of several refugee camps on their way to America.  Her little family of three was very fortunate to be allowed into the resettlement program, considering they are all female and the head of the local program had been strictly enforcing their 70/30 ratio of men to women. She stood frozen, terrified and trembling, while those in charge of the refugee resettlement group in Syria pulled out of line three other women: her sister-in-law, her niece and the kind lady who told her about the program.  They almost took her oldest daughter, Khalisah, but thankfully one of the guards accepted Fakhtah’s bribe, the only trinket of value left to trade, the gold locket her mother had given her as a child.

Fakhtah was desperate to get out, since in the past several months ISIS had been crucifying, beheading and executing men & boys in the streets and raping girls as well as taking women and children as sex slaves.

She had already lost her husband, Adnan, and her son, Yaman. She wasn’t about to lose her two daughters, too. They were the only family she had left.

When Fakhtah heard which countries were accepting refugees, she was immediately drawn to America, since she heard their laws treat women as first class citizens and equally to men. Imagine how hopeful a woman fleeing a terrorist group enforcing the most repressive law over women, Sharia Law, would become upon hearing about this opportunity at true freedom!

The women in Syria told her the rumors that in America, women are allowed to drive a car, go to school, laugh out loud in public, leave the house without a male chaperone. She was told that in America, men aren’t allowed to rape women and if they do, the aggressor will be punished rather than the victim! In America, if accused of a crime, both men and women get a fair trial in front of their peers! Fakhtah thought, this is too good to be true! She was filled with hope on the opportunity of freedom and equality for her family in this New World.

During her long, tiresome travels to America, Fakhtah and her daughters were required to share sleeping space with hundreds of other refugees, women and men. After only a few nights of travel she was awakened by the muffled screams and cries of women and children being raped across the room. Sneaking a peak from her floor mat, Fakhtah noticed the men who were abusing the other refugees were dressed just like the rest of the refugees but were clearly members of the ISIS terrorist groups she recognized beheading people in the streets in Syria. Clearly they had fooled everyone.  How did terrorists get passports and pass background checks?

She prayed they don’t notice her and her girls since the punishment for a woman resisting rape in her country includes deadly lashes, stoning, and imprisonment.

If she is killed now, who will care for her daughters, Mahdiyah and Khalisah? She warned her girls to keep their eyes low and heads bowed. Don’t make eye contact with anyone in the camp.

Fakhtah quietly asks the teenage boy sitting on the floor next to her, “How did these bad guys end up in our safe group of refugees? Is there no escape from ISIS? What will happen when we get to America, if we make it there alive? Will ISIS be allowed in alongside the rest of us? If ISIS sneaks into America, won’t we face the same persecution there as we faced in Syria?  What’s the point of trying to flee if they are coming with us? How will my family be safe under America’s equal laws if ISIS succeeds in enforcing Sharia Law there?

The teenage boy, Fakhtah and her daughters, and a few fellow refugees sitting just near enough to communicate via whisper, quietly prayed together that the leaders of America & Europe would:

1.     Pause: Stop the mass inflow of random refugees into their countries.

2.     Refine their vetting process: Create a solid strategy of vetting refugees to make sure everyone being accepted into the resettlement program are those who are honestly fleeing persecution & war rather than coming to spread it.

America has been a beacon of hope for millions of people for more than 2000 years. We are unique in that we embrace women, men and children of all nationalities who are seeking freedom, safety and opportunity for their families. We are a country of laws that protect every human life equally, regardless of religion, sex, social status or nationality of origin.  We welcome with open arms all who come for noble reasons. However, those who come with the intention of harming lives on our soil, break our laws & stifle our freedom are not welcome.  By protecting our country we ensure freedom and opportunity for all who reside here now and all who seek to reside here in the many centuries to come.

Please tell President Obama, Congress and all Governors to PUSH PAUSE on this mass refugee resettlement plan and put their brilliant minds together to come up with a solid plan to VET ALL REFUGEES before bringing them into our communities and settling them among our cherished families. Protect the people, government, as you took an oath to.

Molly’s Testimony to Protect Student Data

LITTLETON, CO – FEBRUARY 24: Nick Cummings helps Sara Barry, 17, with the design of an art page in yearbook class at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, Colorado on February 24, 2016. Dakota Ridge High School turns 20 years old this year. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post)

Molly’s testimony to protect student data at the Capitol on Monday was picked up by the Denver Post! Thanks again to all legislators on both sides of the isle that voted to pass this bill. Protecting our kids is a right vs wrong issue rather than a right vs left! Check out the article by clicking here!

More On Puerto Rico, Energy Policy and Tax Reform

The following are some fantastic articles Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Union, shared with us.

On Puerto Rico:

On Tax Reform:

On Energy:

Why I Am Voting For Trump

This election year has been anything but typical.  These past 8 years have been anything but peaceful and prosperous for our country.  Just when I thought our nation had finally reached a point where people in this country were truly accepting and even embracing our differences, this wishful thinking was crushed soon after President Obama took office.  I really believed that electing a Black President would surely take this nation to a whole new level of integration and representation around the world how truly united we are.  Unfortunately and ironically, the exact opposite has occurred – our nation has never been more divided.

Everyone can have an opinion on this matter, but I have a unique perspective on this because I am a minority and I have had personal experience with racism and prejudice during my 4 decades living in this country.  I remember growing up in a rural Midwest town, where our family and several other Vietnamese refugees, were the only Asians in that entire northeast part of Minnesota.  You can bet that there were folks who didn’t know what to make of us.  The food we ate smelled weird, we looked different, sounded different, and our culture and way of life was completely foreign to those around us who were trying to help us assimilate.  Additionally, some of these people lost loved ones in the Vietnam War.   I know it wasn’t easy for my parents.  My dad spoke a few broken words of English and my mom – not at all.  But with hard work and perseverance, we slowly gained the trust and respect of our neighbors, teachers, and the community.  Eventually my parents introduced our food to the community and the community was receptive and thus began our family’s venture into the food and restaurant business.  I was 10 years old and I remember people in that town seeing eggrolls for the first time. We’ve come a long way since then, and along the way we experienced a lot of harsh comments and dealt with racially prejudiced and judgmental people.  Sometimes, no most times it’s tough when you are the first to do something, to be a pioneer.  Our family was the first Asians in town, we were foreigners and people were unfamiliar with us.  I can’t blame the people who didn’t always have kind words – they may have been ignorant, uneducated, or feared the unknown.  I am sure my parents encountered many more confrontations than they let on, but they never gave up and they never expected any form of government control to come in and rescue us.  You see, we escaped Vietnam because of the communist government regime in that country.  In America, we have our freedom, and that is why I must vote for Donald Trump – because he represents the party that stands for what I believe in.  A vote for the Democrat party only leads us closer to a government that my family escaped forty years ago.   As for those people who were not sure of us and our cuisine, they eventually came around and a few of those folks became regulars at our family restaurant.

By Thuy Patton

A Few Thoughts Before The Election-From A Polish Girl

Came to this beautiful country 20 years ago and…fell in love with its people, ideas, way of life and… landscapes. Today I call it home, my home, proudly. I came legally and obtaining my US citizen status was source of pride. It was also a choice I made, I did not have to stay here for political or economic reasons-I stayed because I discovered freedom here for the first time. They thought me that FREEDOM is simply ability to choose and first time in my life I had choices, many of them!
Forgive me that I am so fascinated by politics and feel that before election -to make right choice -we shall engage, I know its very unpopular those days, I know. I am glad people express views on internet, exchange of information makes us stronger-especially in era of one sided media. I enjoy good political discussion and diffrent views, but no matter how hard I try it is very hard to me to understand people who would fallow socialistic (lefties) ideas which are beautiful at its core- but do not work (always destroy society and an individual) Bernie was great- but his ideas will never work.

Talks, arguments from both-left and right sides- hopefully let me understand WHY people choose one system or the other? Unfortunately-very often, I am not getting any answers, I see blind followers. I am getting ready for this election- I am researching, reading and watching and making my small discoveries: Hillary is not a good human being-to say very delicately, she is a unmoral lair, not a leader, obsess with power. Guess what- years ago- I considered voting for her-but did my research and what I see is simply terrifying. She is not in jail for one reason- system is corrupt on the higher level. At this point- I do not know if our votes even matter, I do not know -maybe it is all already set up by the worlds elites, I do not even know if I will vote this year. What I see- is incredible corruption, lies and diffrent standards applied to ordinary men who try to live with honesty and hard work and to our lying leaders who put money in their own pockets (with an exception of few senators) and that breaks my heart-because I remember diffrent America, very diffrent and wonder would we ever go back to its glory and freedom or will slavery continue to progress? And there is Trump, “the clown an idiot” (called by media desperately trying to shape our opinion ) ,but….a millioner. As to the Trump- the only hope is that he is NOT the part of the establishment and hopefully will repeat Reagan’s legacy in this country. My research continues and if my conclusion will be- he is- I will change my political views before November- and for the first time in my life here-will NOT vote, which again-breaks my heart, breaks me as a person, mother and an American.If you know me-you know how dear freedom and liberty is to me, and when its gone- America and its dream will be gone as well and new era of totalitarianism and government control will rise.

By: Dorie Lisowska