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Kim Monson Wins LPR’s 2016 Leader In Action Award

Monson KimKim Monson

Saturday February 20, 2016

In the work to advance freedom, there is no substitute for a deep understanding of principles and the willingness to take action on their behalf. Our 2016 Leader in Action Award goes to an individual who well understands what it means to empower individuals with education and training, is an unabashed supporter of LPR and its mission, and is an outstanding example of mobilizing others for freedom.
Kim Monson is a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies class of 2012. She is a Lone Tree City Councilwoman, Americhicks radio host, small business owner, wife, and mother.

Kim believes passionately in the American Dream and the principles upon which our country was founded. She began her career in Colorado at a bank, worked hard to get her investment broker’s license, before becoming one of the youngest vice-presidents in the history of her firm, Boettcher & Company.

For the past twenty-four years, Kim has been a small business owner in a women’s clothier business, and learned how to thrive without government intervention. In 2012 she was elected to serve District 2 on the Lone Tree City Council.  Kim’s philosophy is that government should be as close to the citizen as possible. It is to be limited, responsible, and efficiently use the citizen’s money entrusted to it. Decisions must be made within the context of the Declaration of Independence–all individuals are created equal by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and pursuit of happiness–and the limits of the Constitution.
Since joining the Lone Tree City Council, she has been fearless in defending the proper role of government, and always on the lookout for government overreach. She has faced attacks because of her principled hard choices of saying “no” to federal dollars for regional projects. “It’s an unhealthy handout” explains Kim, that ultimately burdens our children and grandchildren.
Kim is the co-host of the Radio Show “Heart of the Matter” on 560 KLZ. Kim and fellow LPR graduate Molly Vogt founded Americhicks, which can now be heard three days a week. The program seeks to bring their listeners important, topical issues with common sense discussions that raise awareness and activism.
Our Leader in Action is also known for energizing her neighbors and associates through the thoughtful dialogues on public policy topics covered at the group she founded “Wine and Tapas”. Through Kim’s involvement in Liberty Toastmasters, she perfects the skills of persuasion and communication.
Always striving to make a solid impact toward liberty in public policy and politics, our Leader in Action Award winner, Kim Monson, is changing the culture in America by being a forceful and articulate champion applying freedom’s principles to the current issues of the day. As one of her nominators said, Kim is “making waves and taking a stand!”
Kim perfectly embodies the values of the Leadership Program of the Rockies and is, indeed, a true Leader in Action.

Gitmo Town Hall in the Canon City Record

Friday, July 8 2017


More than 120 people filled the dining hall Friday night at the Golden Age Center for a town hall surrounding the controversial issue of Guantanamo Bay detainees being transferred to one of the prisons in Fremont County.

The people who showed up were clear about how they felt as the consensus was a resounding no.

The town hall was hosted by the Americhicks, Molly Vogt and Kim Monson, radio personalities based out of Denver. However, Friday night, the two were accompanied by a camera crew who was working with ABC World News.

More than 120 people filled the dining room at the Golden Age Center on Friday night for a town hall discussing Guantanamo Bay detainees possibly being

More than 120 people filled the dining room at the Golden Age Center on Friday night for a town hall discussing Guantanamo Bay detainees possibly being transferred to a prison in Fremont County. (Sarah Matott / Daily Record)

Monson said ABC had approached them wanting to do a story after ABC saw video from the previous town hall they had completed about nine months ago.

“We thought people needed their voices heard,” Monson said, adding that ABC’s story is giving the people here in Fremont County that opportunity.

The concerns many people voiced at the town hall surrounded the safety of the community, the economy and the legality of the issue.

State Sen. Kevin Grantham said in one of the opening comments that the entire issue surrounding Guantanamo Bay detainees is simple because the transfer of GITMO detainees is illegal.

Rob Fountain of Colorado Springs attended the town hall because the concern about the issue seemed obvious.

“When we have a pathogen…we keep them isolated. These are the hardened, well versed, well practiced guys. To give them the opportunity to infect the civilian population, even the jail population, is unacceptable,” Fountain said.

Others present also spoke about how the community could become dangerous if GITMO detainees were brought here.

Some pointed out that it would not be the detainees in the prison who were necessarily dangerous, but the families, friends and advocates of the detainees who would follow that would be the danger to the community.

Others discussed what the transferring of GITMO detainees to our community could do to the local economy.

“This is a tourist town,” Ethan McClaugherty said.

McClaugherty questioned what would happen if these detainees and any who follow, particularly those who would want the detainees free, would dare to attack the city.

He said people would not want to come here for fear of their safety.

Others in attendance posed questions, such as if those detained at GITMO are considered military prisoners, should they be guarded by the military.

And the end of the town hall, Vogt said that the issue being discussed is an emotional one.

“It’s because it’s our community,” Vogt said.

Sarah Matott